About Us

Mission Statement

To give cards which usually end up in the trash a new life by donating them to non-profit charities that can use them for their stated goals.

Who We Are

We are simply a couple of people that are dedicated to making a difference by trying to create a win-win-win situation from something that people usually just throw into the trash. By getting people to donate cards that they no longer need, the environment benefits because less waste goes into landfills, non-profit charities benefit because they receive resources at no cost that they would otherwise have to pay for and the person donating the cards gets to make a positive difference to both the environment and the charity. Since we have the resources and contacts to get cards to non-profits that would like to have them in volume, you save the time in trying to figure this all out on your own. It’s a beneficial relationship for all involved.

Jeffrey Strain

Jeffrey is passionate in trying to find new and creative ways to make a difference that doesn’t cost those involved a lot of money. He was able to turn a single penny that he found on the ground into over $50,000 worth of food for local food banks. By using the same creativity that he used on that project, he hopes to help a variety of local charities get supplies and money that they would otherwise never get from what most people would otherwise throw away.

Cynthia Ford

Cynthia has worked with Non-Profits throughout her career and has seen the struggle made to have the resources and finances necessary to continue serving and helping those in need. She is passionate about helping others and always looking for new and interesting ways to contribute to society.


Email: [email protected]
Phone: (541) 414-4342

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