Help with a financial donation:

Thank you for considering a donation to us. We find ourselves in a good and bad position. We have been receiving a huge amount of support with donations which we greatly appreciate, but this has caused our small organization to be a bit overwhelmed. We are taking a short break from accepting all cards as we get cards out to teachers and other organizations and redo our systems to be able to take in more donations than we’re currently capable o doing. For this reason, we are currently NOT accepting any other cards until further notice. We appreciate your support and understanding.

If you are a teacher wanting cards for your classroom, we are still actively sending them out. You can fill out this form to request the cards you need for your classroom. If you know of any teachers that would be interested in cards, please let them know about our page. It’s greatly appreciated!

If you have cards that you are trying to give new life, we suggest that you contact your local elementary schools to see if there are teachers there at would be interested in the (we have a number of lesson plans that they can use or get inspiration from to create ways to incorporate the cards in the classroom). We will update this page when we begin accepting cards again.

If you have decided to send us a donation of sports cards, we’d like to first thank you for your generosity. Below you’ll find information that will help you and us when sending in the cards.

If you live in the Denver or San Francisco Bay Area, we may be able to pick up the card, especially if it’s a large collection. Otherwise, the cards will need to be sent to us. Unfortunately, we do not pay for shipping of cards to us at this time. The cards can be sent to the following address:

In addition to the cards, please include the following information with the cards. If you value the card donation at less than $250, you don’t need a receipt for your taxes (please read about tax deductions here), but if you value them at more, then you will. The following information should be included with your card donation.

Baseball, Hockey, Pokemon, Football, etc
We have Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channels and would be happy to thank you publicly for your donation – include your usernames for each if you do.

Where to Send Cards

Please send the cards to the following address:

We are currently not accepting new card donations.

For more information or questions contact us:

If you have any questions or would like more information about our nonprofit, please feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to try to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Tax deductions

Donate Cards is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization. This means that you’re able to deduct the full fair market value of the cards you donate on your federal taxes.

More cards we accept

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