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We currently are NOT accepting Greeting Cards. We hope to begin accepting Greeting Cards again soon.

Donate Greeting Cards to Charity

If you have excess greeting cards that you’d rather not put into the trash, please consider donating them to Donate Cards. While it may not be obvious, there are actually quite a few organizations and groups that would love to have any extra greeting cards that you no longer need. These greeting cards can be used or new. There are a couple of main ways we use greeting cards that are donated.

Donate Used Greeting Cards

We accept any type of used greeting card. We distribute the used greeting cards we receive to different art programs and art teachers. Many of these teachers are always looking for unique supplies that don’t cost a lot of money that they can incorporate into their lessons. Used greeting cards an excellent way to do this and are highly sought by many of these teachers and programs.

If you want to donate your used greeting cards to charity, it’s simple to do. There is no need to tear off the back of the card, but you are free to do so if you’d prefer to remove the message. There are no issues if there is writing on the backside of the greeting card. Again, these used greeting cards are given to art programs for free where they will be used for a variety of different art projects.

Donate New Greeting Cards

If you have new greeting cards that you don’t need or want, Donate Cards would love to have them. We distribute new greeting cards to a variety of organizations and charities which can use them to keep in contact with their supporters. For example, almost all charities can use thank you cards or blank greeting cards. Organizations that help families on limited budgets can use new birthday cards and holiday cards to give to parents so that their kids get something on these special occasions. We try to find an organization that can use any type of greeting card so they don’t have to spend money on buying their own so that more money can be dedicated to their principle purposes.

Now that you understand how the greeting cards we receive are used, below you can find a few more reasons we think it’s a wonderful idea to donate greeting cards to charity.

Reduce Waste

Most cards that are no longer needed end up in the wastebasket or recycling bin. It doesn’t have to be that way. We are able to give the cards a new life, whether new or used, so they don’t end up being waste before their time. If you want to help the environment and reduce overall waste, this is an excellent way to help accomplish that.

Help Others

Your donation of greeting cards to charity can be of great help. Art teachers and organizations are always in need of material to help teach their classes and used greeting cards a wonderful resource that they love to get. New cards to charities and other organizations can mean that the organization can spend their money on other things instead of greeting cards helping them extend their budgets and do more for the community. It’s also a wonderful way for them to keep in better contact with their supporters and to build better and stronger relationships with them.

Get a Tax Deduction

If you donate new greeting cards to us, you can deduct the fair market value of those greeting cards off of your federal taxes. Donate Cards is a 503(c)(3) Nonprofit organization meaning the fair market value of the cards you donate to us is tax-deductible. That means that not only are you helping out some great causes, you’re also potentially lowing your taxes at the same time.

It’s our hope that after reading this page you are inspired to donate both new and used greeting cards to charity. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email or leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. No matter what you decide to do with your greeting cards, we appreciate you taking the time to consider donating them to Donate Cards!

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