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For those with hockey card collections who are trying to decide whether or not to donate the hockey cards to charity, this page will give you valuable information as to how the cards will be used. First and foremost, we want to let you know that any donations you do decide to make will provide both positivity and happiness to a lot of children. All hockey card donations are greatly appreciated and we hope with your generosity, Donate Cards can inspire a new generation of kids to fall in love with hockey and hockey card collecting.

Donate Cards actually uses the hockey cards it receives in a number of different ways. One of the main focuses of this charity is to provide hockey cards to children that due to financial circumstances would not be able to afford them on their own and to children who have medical conditions that require them to stay in a hospital for long periods of time. Donating in these circumstances often requires that the hockey card donated be still sealed new in packs.

Most people who donate hockey cards to charity donate cards that have already been opened. To obtain still sealed unopened packs, we search the donated hockey cards for hockey cards that have significant value. When we find these, we put them to the side to sell. Donate Cards then takes the money earned from the hockey cards that sell and uses it to buy unopened packs of hockey cards we can then give to the children. To get the most out of the money, we partner with retail stores and hockey card manufacturers in an effort to obtain as many hockey card packs as possible with the money earned.

So what happens with the hockey cards that don’t have much value? The truth is the majority of hockey cards donated don’t have significant monetary value, but even these are quite valuable to us. We use these hockey cards to create card bundles which we can then give to teachers and other organizations. They then get used as prizes for students who do well and as incentives for the children to work hard. Donate Cards is also currently in the process of creating a hockey card math lesson bundle with a lesson plan to distribute to teachers who want to teach math concepts to their students like percentages in a new and interesting way. Once created, we plan to give these to any schools where teachers have an interest in the hockey card math lesson bundles at no cost.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not to donate your hockey card collection to charity, below you can find a few more reasons we think doing so is a great idea for everyone.

It’s Worthwhile to Donate Hockey Cards

One of the best reasons to donate your hockey card collection to charity is all the good it ultimately does. The donation will be used to help provide a much-needed distraction to children in hospitals and a wonderful hobby for kids that might not otherwise be able to afford these hockey cards. It gives teachers and other social organizations an opportunity to use hockey cards to teach in a unique way that could inspire students to enjoy math more than they would normally and to provide a way to incentivize kids that enjoy hockey. A donation of hockey cards to charity can inspire and help in many more ways than one would initially imagine.

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One of the great reasons to donate hockey cards to charity is that in many ways it’s the best way to receive the most value for them. If you tried to sell your hockey cards to a sports card dealer, you’d likely receive only a small percentage of their true value since the sports card company needs to make money too. Donate Cards can usually get more money for cards that are sold since we have a wonderful dedicated fanbase that loves hockey cards and the mission of this nonprofit organization who are willing to pay a fair price for the hockey cards. The low-value hockey cards that dealers would usually consider of no value when buying a collection still have an extremely high value to us since we can use them to help teachers and other social organizations. When it comes to buying hockey cards, we can often buy many more unopened packs than the average collector for the same amount of money since we buy in volume and have good relationships with the hockey card producers and retail outlets that provide discounts. Lastly, you’re able to get a federal tax deduction (see below) for the full fair value price of your collection when you donate. When you think of all the positives, it becomes a true win-win for everyone involved.

Love of Hockey Cards

There is a reason you decided to collect hockey cards and at least part of that reason was the fun and enjoyment collecting them brought to you. When you decide to donate your hockey card collection to charity, you provide an opportunity for an entirely new generation of kids, many of who may never have that opportunity without your generous donation, to discover the excitement and love that you found when you collected them. When you donate hockey cards, you’re helping to plant the seeds of an entirely new generation of hockey card collectors.

Hockey Cards are Tax-Deductible

Donate Cards is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization which means when you donate hockey cards to us, you are allowed to take a deduction of your federal taxes for the fair market value of those hockey cards. This makes donating hockey cards a smart way to help a lot of children while also lowering your federal taxes.

We hope you’re able to see the wonderful benefits that come with donating your hockey cards to charity. Please feel free to contact us directly or leave a comment if you have any questions about donating your cards to Donate Cards and we’ll do our best to promptly answer them. Whatever you ultimately decide to do with your hockey card collection, thank you for taking the time to consider donating them to our cause!

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