Narrative Writing Trading Card Lesson Plan

Narrative Writing Trading Card Lesson Plan

Subject: English-Language Arts

Grade Level: 3rd-5th


  • This lesson can be adapted for any grade level based on the grade level standards for narrative writing.
  • This lesson should be completed over the course of several days…introducing the Story Planning Sheet could be one day, drafting could be a second day, revising/editing a third day, publishing a final draft a fourth day.


Students will be able to write an imaginative story including a beginning, middle, and end.

Anticipatory Set:

  • Ask, “If you could meet a famous sports star, what would you do…what would you say?”
  • List students’ ideas on the board.


  • Teach the students the parts of a narrative (beginning, middle, end).
  • Demonstrate how to fill in the Story Planning Sheet by jotting down ideas for an imaginative story about meeting your favorite movie star, etc.  These are just notes…not complete sentences.
  • Model using the Story Planning Sheet to write a three paragraph story…the beginning section is the first paragraph, the middle section is the second paragraph, the end section is the third paragraph.
  • Explain that the students will be writing an imaginative story about meeting the athlete on their sports trading card.

Guided Practice:

  • Pass out one sports trading card to each student.
  • Have the students turn & talk to a partner about what they would do with/say to their athlete if their athlete walked through the classroom door.

Independent Practice:

  • Have students fill in the Story Planning Sheet with their ideas for what they would do/say if they met their trading card player.
  • Using the Story Planning Sheet, they will write the story of meeting their athlete.
  • You may or may not want to have the students draw a picture to go with their story.


  • Have students share their stories in small groups.

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