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If you have a sports card collection that you no longer need or want and you’re looking for your options on what to do with it, one option that’s worth considering is to donate sports cards to charity. This article will detail how we use sports cards that are donated to help benefit other nonprofits and community organizations. The most important issue to highlight is that a donation of a sports card collection to charity can provide a lot of happiness and positivity to a wide range of children in need. We greatly appreciate all sport card donations and it’s our goal to turn your generous gift into a vehicle that will help a newer generation of kids to fall in love with sports cards and sportscard collecting.

When we refer to sports cards, we are interested in all types of sports cards. This, of course, includes the big four sports of baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, and hockey cards, but also includes any cards related to other sports as well. It doesn’t matter what sport is featured on the card. If it’s some type of sports card, Donate Cards would be interested in it.

There are two main ways the sports cards donated to us get used. One of our primary goals is to get sports cards to children that are in long-term hospital care as well as to children who would unlikely ever be able to obtain sports cards on their own. The key to both these situations is that often to get sports cards to these kids, it’s required that the sports cards be new and still be sealed in their original packaging.

The challenge is that the vast majority of sports cards donated to charity have already been opened. In order to turn these cards into unopened packs, we look at the sports cards that have been donated to find any that may hold significant value to collectors. If we locate any sports cards that have high value, we set them aside to sell. Once these cards have been sold to collectors, we take the money from the sale and purchase new, unopened packs of sportscards that we can then give to the children. To leverage the money we have to buy new sports cards, we have good relationships with sports card manufactures and retail stores that sell sports cards so we can obtain the new packs at a discount so we can get as many as possible for each dollar spent.

While some sports cards may have value to collectors, most will not. While these cards may not be of interest to most collectors, they still have great value in other ways to us. We create bundles of sports cards that we give to schools and other youth organizations at no cost so they can use them as prizes and incentives to the children they are teaching and mentoring. Donate Cards is also in the process of creating school math lessons using various sports cards to teach percentages and other math concepts in a unique way. Once these math lessons are finished, we plan to donate the lesson plan along with the sports cards needed to teach the lesson plan for free to any school that requests them.

Now that you understand a bit about how a donation of sports cards to charity would be used, we’d also like to highlight some of the other benefits that happen when you generously make such a donation.

A Worthwhile Cause

When you decide to donate your sports cards to charity, you decide to send a whole lot of good to children. Your donation ultimately provides sports cards to kids that would otherwise never be able to obtain them, as well as help distract children who are spending long-term time in hospitals. In addition, it helps teachers and other youth organizations to inspire the children to learn in new ways, and motivate them to do more than they might have otherwise. When you donate sports cards to charity, you provide opportunities to children to fall in love with sports cards that would otherwise likely never have that chance.

Great Value

Donating your sports cards to charity is a way to get great value out of the cards. When sports cards collections are taken to dealers to be sold, the dealers offer only a fraction of the true value of the cards since the dealers need to make money as well. Donate Cards can usually get much more for the sports cards than dealers would pay. This is because we have a loyal base of collectors who support our mission that pay a fair price for the cards we sell. Even better, the low-value cards that dealers would not pay anything for end up being valuable to teachers and other youth organizations. Donate Cards can also purchase many more unopened packs with the money we generate than the average person since we can obtain deals from retailers and the sports card manufacturers that the average person can’t get. One more added bonus is that the fair market value of your sports card donation is tax-deductible (see below). When all added together, donating your sports cards to charity is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Sports Card Love

If you have a sports cards collection, the reason that you do is that at some point you found great joy in collecting those sports cards. One of the great aspects of donating your sports cards to charity is that you provide an opportunity to pass along that love of sports cards to a new generation of kids. Even better, it’s being passed onto kids that would likely not have much of an opportunity to fall in love with them without your generous donation. Donating sports cards to charity is a wonderful way to help plant the seedlings to a brand new generation of sports card lovers and collectors.


Your donation of sports cards to Donate Cards is tax-deductible on your federal tax return. As a 503(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all donations of cards to Donate Cards are tax-deductible at their fair market value. This means that not only are you helping to get sports cards to kids, you are also receiving a benefit to your tax bill at the same time.

We hope that after reading all of this that you come to the conclusion that making a donation of your sports cards to charity is the correct way to pass along your sports card collection. If you have any additional questions or concerns about donating to charity, please contact us through email or leave a comment so we can answer you. We thank you for taking the time to consider making a donation to us no matter what you ultimately decide to do with your sports cards.

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