Addition/Subtraction Pokemon Trading Card Lesson Plan

Subject: Math

Grade Level: 2nd & 3rd


  • This lesson is written for addition of multiples of tens; however, it can be adapted by switching the addition to subtraction.  
  • It is recommended that if you use this lesson for both addition & subtraction that each operation be taught on separate days.


Students will be able to add and/or subtract multiples of ten.

Anticipatory Set:

  • Have the class skip count by 10s forwards (and backwards…optional).
  • Have the class skip count by 20s forwards (and backwards…optional).


  • Demonstrate how to add 20 + 40 using base ten blocks.
  • Write 20 + 40 vertically on the board.
  • Model how to add using the traditional algorithm.
  • Write 60 + 70= on the board.
  • Model how to solve using base ten blocks – this involves regrouping to the hundreds column.
  • Write 60 + 70 vertically on the board and model how to add using the traditional algorithm with regrouping.
  • Continue with more examples as needed.

Guided Practice:

  • Write a multiple of ten addition problem on the board and have students practice solving it on mini-whiteboards or pencil & paper.  
  • Have the students flip their whiteboards/paper to show you their answers.
  • Continue practicing as many problems together as needed.

Independent Practice:

  • Pass out several Pokemon cards to each student.
  • Have students choose two cards and use the HP numbers in the top right corner to write an addition number sentence to solve.
  • You can decide how many problems you’d like each student to write and solve.
  • Extension:  Have students write number sentences with more than two numbers to solve.


  • Exit Ticket:  Have students solve two multiples of ten addition problems (one with regrouping and one without) on a half sheet of paper and explain with words or drawings how they solved the problems.

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