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If you have arrived at this page, you have likely done so with the thoughts of whether or not you should donate your football cards or football card collection to charity. On this page, we’ll explain what we do with the football cards we receive and how receiving donated football cards translates into a lot of positivity. Any donations of football cards are greatly appreciated and we hope to bring the joy that football cards can bring to a whole new generation of kids.

There are actually a number of different ways the football cards we receive as donations end up getting used. One of the main goals of Donate Cards is to provide football cards to children in financial circumstances that would not allow them to have them otherwise to obtain them and to children who are in long-term hospital stays and fighting for their lives. In many of these cases, these donations need to be football cards that are sealed in their packs and not already opened.

Most of the donations of football cards to charity we receive have already been opened from their packs. In order to get new, unopened packs for the kids, we do so in the following way. As we look through the donated football cards, if we find any that have a significant value, we will put them aside to sell. The money generated from the sale of these football cards is then used to purchase new football card packs that can be given to the kids. In order to get as much value as we can when we purchase new football cards, we partner with football card companies and other retailers to obtain as many new packs as we can at discounted prices to make the most of your donations.

While the majority of donated football cards won’t have significant value, that doesn’t mean they still aren’t valuable to us. We use these cards to create bundles that we give to teachers and youth organizations where they can be used as prizes and incentives to the kids. In addition, we’re currently working on creating a football card math lesson bundle and lesson plan to give to teachers where they can use football cards to teach math skills such as percentages to their students. We hope that once we have these lessons and bundles created, we can distribute them to any teacher or school that has an interest in them free of charge.

If knowing how we used the cards donated to us is not quite enough to convince you to donate your football card collection to charity, you can find a few more reasons we feel donating your cards is a great way to go.

Donating Football Cards is a Worthwhile

When you decide to donate football cards, one great aspect of doing so is that the cards will be used in ways that create positivity in the lives of children. The cards will help provide a needed distraction to children in long-term hospital care, a fun and interesting hobby to underprivileged children that likely wouldn’t be able to obtain football cards in any other way, as well as for a unique and interesting way for teachers to teach math skills to their students. It’s amazing the amount of positivity your generous football card donation to charity can create.

Getting the Most from Your Football Cards

Beyond the positivity that a donation creates to all the children it ultimately touches, donating your football cards is often the best way to get the most value from them. If you tried to sell your football cards to a dealer, you would only get a fraction of their true worth since the dealer has to make money on them as well. We have a dedicated fan base of collectors who also support our cause so that we typically get far more for the cards of value than you could on your own. Low value and common football cards that a dealer typically doesn’t even want we can use to help teachers teach math and give incentive prizes. When we buy new football card packs, our relationships with the football card companies and retailers help us obtain them at prices much better than the general public can purchase them for. You also get a tax deduction (see below) for the full fair market value of your collection with your donation. When all of this is combined, a football card donation to us is often the best way to distribute the value of your collection in addition to all of the goodwill it provides.

Passing on Your Football Card Love

The reason that you have a football card collection is that you loved to play with football cards as a kid due to all the joy and excitement that they created. By generously donating your football cards to charity, you create the opportunity for a new generation of kids to fall in love with football cards as well, many who might not otherwise have this opportunity. Any cards you give help to plant the seeds of a new generation of football card collectors.

Your Football Cards are Tax-Deductible

One of the benefits of donating your football card collection to a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization is that it allows you to deduct the full fair market value of your football cards on your federal tax return. It’s a wonderful and smart way to lower your federal taxes while simultaneously benefiting untold children.

If you’re still unsure if you want to donate your football cards to charity, or if you have any questions that need to be answered, please feel free to contact us at any time through our email with a comment below.

Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly with any questions you may have about making a basketball card donation to our organization. Thank you for considering your donation and considering Donate Cards for that donation. It’s greatly appreciated!

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