Make Your Own Trading Card Lesson Plan

Subject(s): Art, Writing, Oral Presentation

Grade Level: 1-5

Note: This lesson is great for the beginning of the year to help the teacher and students get to know each other.  Once all the trading card projects are finished, you can put them together into a class book for your students to look at & read throughout the school year.


Students will be able to introduce themselves to classmates by drawing a picture of themselves and writing statistics (information) about themselves on the back.

Anticipatory Set:

  • Pass trading cards out to the students.
  • Ask students to share their noticings about trading cards.  List their noticings on the board.


  • Explain that trading cards have a picture of the player on the front along with information on the back.
  • The information on the back often includes personal information such as where the player was born, where he/she went to school, etc.  
  • The information on the back also includes important statistics from the player’s career.
  • Explain that each student will be making a trading card of themself.  

Guided Practice:

  • Ask students to brainstorm topics they could include on their personal trading card (ex. Birthday, Age, Hometown, Favorite Color, Favorite Hobby, etc.)
  • Write this list on the board.

Independent Practice:

  • Have students draw a picture of themself on the front of a piece of drawing paper.  The picture should be of themself doing something they enjoy doing.
  • On the back of the paper, have the students write their personal information and statistics (things they like, etc.) on the back.  These are things they want their teacher and classmates to know about them.


  • Have students share their trading cards either in small groups or with the whole class.  

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