Multi-Digit Addition/Subtraction Trading Card Lesson Plan

Subject: Math

Grade Level: 2nd & 3rd


  • This lesson is written for addition but can be adapted for subtraction.
  • This lesson is written for two digit numbers but can be adapted to use three digit numbers.
  • This lesson uses the traditional algorithm.  Students should have a conceptual understanding of addition/subtraction before completing this lesson.


  • Students will be able to add/subtract two digit numbers with and without regrouping using the traditional algorithm.

Anticipatory Set:

  • Write a two digit addition problem that requires regrouping on the board.
  • Have students find the sum by using base ten blocks.
  • Explain that students will be using the traditional algorithm to solve that same problem.


  • Model writing the first number of the problem above the second number on the whiteboard.  Write the + sign and draw a line below the bottom number.
  • Demonstrate how to add the ones digits, regroup to the tens column, and then add the tens digits.
  • Continue modeling with more problems as needed.

Guided Practice:

  • Write a two digit addition problem on the board and have the students copy it onto mini-whiteboards or paper.
  • Have the students solve the problem and turn their whiteboards/paper to show you their answer.
  • Continue practicing problems on whiteboards/paper until students have had a fair amount of practice with the concept.

Independent Practice:

  • Pass out sports trading cards to each student making sure that each student gets a card that has several two digit numbers on the back.
  • Have students choose 2 two digit numbers to practice adding.
  • Have the students fill in the Multi-Digit Addition Worksheet with the problems that they use. (You may want to have more than one copy of the worksheet for each student.)


  • Call on a student to write one of their problems on the whiteboard.
  • Have the student explain how to solve the problem as he/she is writing on the whiteboard.
  • Continue to have students share their problems with the class in this way.

Extension Ideas:

  • Have students add more than 2 two digit numbers together (ex. 34+56+92=)

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