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Request Free Sports Cards for Teachers & Youth Leaders

If you’re a teacher or youth leader and would like sports cards to give to your students, we may be able to help you out. We don’t place any restrictions on how you use the cards so can use them in any way you feel will best help your students. Some use the cards as prizes, some use them to teach bargaining and trading skills, and some use them to teach math. However you decide to use the cards to help your students or youth, we have confidence that you will use them the best way possible to helps the kids.

We do try to get you sports cards that best fit your needs. For example, if you are located in a city that has a professional team and would like mainly players from that team, we can try to accommodate you with players mainly from that team. The same is true if you have a preference for the type of sports cards you receive such as mostly baseball cards or mostly football cards. We can also create a mix of different sports and teams if that will work best for you.

Any teacher of your group leader can request free cards from us. The only stipulation we have is that we only send the cards directly to your school or organization. We will not send cards to personal addresses. While we do attempt to fulfill all requests, we do prioritize getting free sports cards to teachers at underfunded schools and youth organizations dealing with at-risk youths. Below you’ll find a form to fill out to request cards.

If you know a teacher or youth group organizer who you feel might benefit from our service and make use of free sports cards to give to kids, please let them know about our program.

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